It is a brand new year, and many of you have resolved to make 2015 a healthier and more productive year.   Changing the way you eat, exercise, and sleep along with other lifestyle choices can all impact your overall health, vitality and even longevity.  Losing weight and getting fit are two of the most common New Years’ resolutions and two of the most difficult to sustain.  Part of the problem is the vast amount of conflicting and often inaccurate information that is readily available.  More importantly, most of the “experts” are making generalized recommendations that may or may not be what you need.  Each of you is unique, and has unique requirements when it comes to fulfilling your body’s needs.  Understanding exactly what your body needs can help focus your efforts which will lead to better, more consistent results.   These five innovative strategies will give you the information you need to eliminate the guesswork and maximize your chances of success:

  • Advanced Body Composition Analysis –   It is really all about fat loss, not just weight loss.  No one really wants to lose healthy lean muscle.  It is lean muscle that helps you feel strong, stand tall, look fit, toned and sexy both in and out of your clothes.  But too many poorly conceived weight loss programs cause you to lose both fat and lean muscle because the focus is only on the number on the scale.  Getting an accurate measure of body fat and lean muscle is the only way to know whether you are getting the results you want.  Our Lunar Prodigy DEXA with CoreScan™ is the gold standard for measuring total body fat, visceral adipose tissue (intra-abdominal fat), lean muscle, bone density, metabolic rate and more.  It is the only DEXA scanner in the Greater Hartford area with CoreScan™ technology
  • SimplyFit™ – A full sequence genetic analysis of three genes that play a key interactive role in weight management, nutrition and response to exercise.  You will learn the ideal duration and frequency of exercises that work best for your body, understand the best diet for your genome, and optimize your nutritional supplement regimen.  Unlocking the information in your DNA will help you lose weight and reach your optimal health.
  • PersonaLogiX™ – A unique program of personalized nutritional supplementation using Xymogen’s exclusive professional formulas that takes the guesswork out of choosing and using nutritional supplements.  You first complete a free, confidential, HIPPA secure health assessment at  with referral code: livebetter777.  Using your medical history, thousands of clinical studies are checked and referenced to recommend specific nutrients and doses for you.  You then receive your individually wrapped, personalized daily supplement packs in the mail.
  • Cardiopulmonary Exercise Test (CPET) – Exercise is unparalleled for its ability to improve heart health, quality of life, and overall longevity.   It is often said that “exercise is medicine”.  As with any powerful therapy, establishing the safe and effective dose range is fundamentally important; too little may not bestow full benefits, whereas an overdose may produce dangerous adverse effects that outweigh its benefits.  CPET enables individualized assessment of exercise response and development of custom-tailored exercise prescriptions.
  • Functional Movement Screen – A process that identifies imbalances in movement, muscle strength and flexibility that could reduce your performance and increase the risk of injury.  Individualized corrective exercises are then incorporated into your exercise recommendations.

All of these strategies and procedures are available at Alternity Healthcare.  Give us a call to schedule your appointment and stay on track to achieve your health and wellness goals this year.  860-561-2294