HCG Medical Weight Loss

The medically supervised eating plan involves a calorie-restricted diet while taking daily injections of HCG.  HCG, a hormone produced by women during pregnancy works by ignoring other sources of energy— such as muscle tissue—and going straight to the fat stores. When a non-pregnant person takes HCG with a restricted diet, it has the same effect. Those taking part in the program can consume between 500 and 1000 calories a day. However, you don’t feel hungry because you’re burning fat, not muscle. The diet is done in three phases: loading, when you eat whatever you want to build up your fat stores; calorie restriction, which limits calories and certain foods for a period of three to four weeks; and maintenance, where you stop taking the HCG and increase your calories and food choices. In our program, all patients have a full body scan before and after the program and we have documented that the weight loss is nearly all body fat. In fact, the way our program is structered, several patients actually gained lean muscle mass at the same time.