West Hartford, Conn./June 29, 2009 – For centuries human beings have been searching for the “Fountain of Youth” in hopes of finding eternal youth. But we don’t need to drink from a spring to reverse or slow the aging process. Alternity Healthcare, LLC, an innovative new medical practice, helps patients find their own fountain of youth through an array of unique services and programs that help restore lost vitality, maintain optimal health and offset degenerative disease.

“Alternity Healthcare provides a new perspective on restoring and maintaining optimal health and wellness which are the essential components to aging youthfully and achieving balance,” said Alternity Healthcare founder and medical director Desmond Ebanks, MD. “At Alternity Healthcare we’ve taken preventive medicine to the next level. We ‘square the curve’ and help patients maintain their quality of life and delay deterioration of function.”

For many the aging process begins as early as 30-years-old with a decline or change in hormone levels. Men begin andropause, or male menopause, and start to see a two to three percent decrease in testosterone annually. This results in subtle symptoms such as diminished energy levels, a reduced sense of well-being, and fewer sexual thoughts. Women start to experience signs of periomenopause and ultimately menopause. Estrogen levels become erratic and women may start experiencing symptoms such as headaches, weight gain, heavy bleeding , fatigue and pelvic pain.

Alternity Healthcare offers cutting-edge programs and services that combat the frustrating and uncomfortable symptoms we’ve grown to accept as the process of aging. Bioidentical hormone therapy, recently endorsed by Oprah Winfrey, offers a more natural alternative to the controversial synthetic and non-human hormone replacement therapies. Bioidentical hormones are synthesized from natural sources to be chemically indistinguishable from the body’s own naturally occurring hormones.

Alternity Healthcare offers nutrition and exercise consultations using state-of-the-art equipment including the aerobic capacity test, which is used by professional athletes and NASA astronauts, and can uncover subclinical cardiovascular and lung disease.

Alternity Healthcare evaluates its patients’ health through three signature programs – a comprehensive health assessment, an executive health program and advanced cardiovascular screenings. The comprehensive health assessment includes a medical and lifestyle history, a clinical examination and a multitude of laboratory, functional and diagnostic tests to determine risk for disease. The executive health program offers an expansion of the already thorough comprehensive assessment. It includes many otherwise optional services in its personalized approach to identifying health problems and recommending lifestyle choices specifically focused on offsetting disease and postponing the aging process. The advanced cardiovascular screening offers a risk assessment and HeartSmart IMT Plus, which detects the early stages of cardiovascular disease. Alternity Healthcare also features innovative medical testing including AssurreImmune adult stem cell collection and storage, 3-D Virtual Colonoscopy and the Estronex Test, which determines the risk for certain cancers. Dr. Ebanks also conducts monthly seminars on age management topics and writes a monthly newsletter.

“Age management medicine is the medicine of the 21st century,” said Dr. Ebanks.

Alternity Healthcare, LLC, is an innovative medical practice specializing in age management medicine. Alternity Healthcare offers cutting-edge programs and services to determine patients’ overall health and risk for degenerative disease, and institute strategies to prevent or delay their onset. Alternity Healthcare is located at 639 Park Road, 2nd Floor, West Hartford, Connecticut. For more information please call 860-561-2294.

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