Superior to Statins in Heart Failure Patients

Omega-3 fish oil supplements should be on everyone’s supplement list.  Fish oil reduces silent inflammation, helps reduce blood pressure and stabilizes arterial plaque against rupture.
Published in the journal Lancet, August 2008, reaserchers from the Italian GISSI trial compared mortality and morbidity among 7000 patients randomized to take either placebo or fish oil.  The fish ooil group had an 8% lower risk of cardiovascular events or hospitalization.
An earlier systematic review of the available literature prompted the Agency for Healthcare Research & Quality to conclude that “the benefits from eating fish or taking fish oil supplements reduces heart attack and other problems related to heart and blood vessel disease in persons who already have these conditions, as well as their overall risk of death”.
It is important to seek out a highly purified fish oil supplement to minimize the risk of expoure to mercury and heavy metal contamination.