Supervised Exercise and Nutrition Counseling was Key

Results of the SYNERGIE trial reported at the 77th European Athersclerosis Society Congress in April 2008, showed the risk factor profile of high-risk, abdominally obese men with features of the metabolic syndrome  was improved by regular consultation with a dietician and kinesiologist (exercise specialist).
Among individuals who are equally overweight, those with abdominal cavity fat, or visceral adipose tissue, are at greater risk for cardiovascular disease, metabolic syndrome and type 2 diabetes.
Investigators showed that the lifestyle modification program resulted in significant improvements in many components of the metabolic syndrome:
  • plasma triglyceride levels were down
  • HDL (good) cholesterol levels were increased
  • Apolipoprotein B and other markers of inflammation were improved
  • LDL particle sized improved (larger)
  • waist circumference decreased, although weight remained unchanged in some patients
  • visceral fat was cut by more than half at one year

Losing weight, or more importantly reducing abdominal fat, is the first step in lowering blood pressure, normalizing blood glucose and gettting blood cholesterol levels under control.