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A Fit, Healthy Lifestyle for Increased Vitality as you Age

Usually our physical performance declines as we age. But not if you exercise properly and work toward altering that “destiny.” Adopting the right lifestyle changes, like a healthy diet and regular moderate exercise, can truly rejuvenate your body. You can regain your muscle strength, flexibility and stamina – and restore your vitality and vigor while you achieve improved wellness.

How Can Exercise Impact your Vitality?

Alternity will design and then help you stick to an exercise plan that works:

  • rev up your metabolism
  • enhance your sexual performance
  • sharpen your concentration & reaction time
  • improve posture & increase lean muscle mass
  • enhance your sleep quality
  • reduce anxiety, depression & stress
  • decrease risk of cardiovascular disease, osteoporosis & type-2 diabetes

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Regaining your Vitality Starts with Healthy Weight Loss and Strength Training

Between the ages of 30 to 60, the average American gains 1 pound of fat and loses half a pound of muscle every year.

Strength training, or “resistance exercise,” builds stronger, firmly toned muscles. It reduces body fat and improves your appearance. It also increases bone density and muscle mass, reducing the potential for injuries and falls. Increasing your strength and gaining muscle mass improves physical performance and quality of life.

Interval Workouts for Faster, Better Results

A healthier, leaner body in less time – isn’t that everyone’s dream? We make it a reality.

If you’re spending hours on the treadmill with no real results, we know why. Alternity Healthcare has proven that interval workouts really work! They improve endurance and conditioning for a longer, healthier life. Let us show you a different way to work out that yields better results, faster.

Our exercise plans reduce risks of heart disease, type-2 diabetes, stroke, high blood pressure and obesity – the diseases that truly age us. Interval training, done correctly, burns triglycerides, free fatty acids and stored carbohydrates (glycogen). It’s different than the “cardio” exercises you’ve tried before. (see “Endurance vs Interval Exercise”).

Flexibility Exercises Reduce Risk of Injury as you Age

We combine interval training with flexibility exercises that maintain and improve range of motion around the joints. By increasing the length of muscle and connective tissue, you get more flexibility and reduce your risk of injuries – which is of course increasingly important as we age. Flexibility exercises can also alleviate low back pain, reduce stress, and improve your balance and grace.

Start your Custom Exercise Plan

Let Alternity Healthcare get you started on an exercise plan designed just for you. Start building your stronger, healthier future now. Call (860) 561-2294 to make an appointment.