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Testosterone Lowers Heart Risks

A little over a year ago two articles were published suggesting an increased cardiovascular risk associated with testosterone therapy.  There was tremendous media hype surrounding those articles that ultimately resulted in a warning from the FDA; a warning that was premature in my opinion (see “Testosterone and Your Heart”).    Looking at the same data, the European Medicines Agency concluded that there was “no consistent evidence” of increased cardiovascular risks.  Other research has even indicated a protective effect of testosterone on the heart.  That protective effect was recently reaffirmed in a new large scale study from the Veterans Affairs system.  Although the results were provocative and striking, this study has not been met with any of the same media attention. Read the rest of this entry »

Medicine — As It Should Be

Like most, I consider the healthcare system in this country to be broken and getting worse.  It is not uncommon for a physician to see 30-40 patients per day and to have overall responsibility for a panel of 4000 or 5000 patients.  Why?  Because insurance companies reimburse based on volume, not efficiency or positive experiences.   Doctors must also comply with arcane rules and standards that may not translate into what is best for your health.  A large part of the problem is that the consumer of healthcare services has been separated from the payer of those services.  We seem to have forgotten that the true purpose of insurance is to protect against the relatively uncommon, unforeseen, expensive or catastrophic events.  That is how health insurance started out.  But we have now become accustomed to our health insurance covering everything, including routine primary and preventive care.  The solution is to reunite the payer and consumer of healthcare services.  This concept, referred to as concierge, membership, retainer, direct-pay or boutique medicine has been around for a while, but has become increasingly popular in recent years. Read the rest of this entry »

The Ultimate Gift

Now that we are in the midst of another holiday season when our thoughts turn to good tidings and well wishes, we also begin the often difficult task of deciding on the best gift for ourselves and loved ones.   Gifts for our kids tend to be fairly easy, since they usually want or “need” everything they see.  Where does that leave us, the adults?  Sure, there are plenty of clothes, gadgets or trinkets we can buy because we are feeling generous, prosperous or affluent.  But these aren’t the things that really matter.  For those we care about we don’t usually wish them a new iPod or new necklace, we wish them love, good health, and a long life.  But merely wishing for things does not make them happen.  Instead of just wishing for health and a long life, consider giving the gift that can help it come true. Read the rest of this entry »

When NO Means Yes!

Yes!  That is exactly what your answer would be if asked whether or not you wanted something that could improve your energy, stamina, heart health, immune function, mood, mental acuity and sexual satisfaction.  What one molecule can do all of that?  Nitric Oxide (NO), one of your body’s most important signaling molecules.  It is released as a gas that quickly sends signals through every cell, organ and system in your body.  NO signals arteries to relax and expand, immune cells to kill bacteria and cancer cells, and signals brain cells to communicate with each other.   NO is critical for overall optimal health but its most notable function is within the cardiovascular system where blood flow is vital. Read the rest of this entry »

Unexpected Benefit from Getting Healthier

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Is Your Performance Sagging?

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An executive came to see me, at first reporting difficulties maintaining his grueling work schedule. During our initial consultation he confided that he was also very concerned about extra weight he couldn’t lose and a drop off in his ability to perform sexually.  He attributed it to stress.  While stress may have been a factor, I found several correctable physical issues including low testosterone.  After several months of treatment his confidence, energy, enthusiasm and sexual prowess were restored.

Whether it is a decline in athletic performance, feeling less dynamic and productive at work or suffering the diminished sexual stamina that frequently happens after age 40, no one wants to feel like their best days are behind them.  Too often you are told that “you are just getting old, it happens to everyone”.  If you complain to your doctor, you may end up with prescriptions for an anti-depressant, sleeping pill and Viagra.  But it doesn’t have to be that way.  If you feel like you’ve lost your edge, have less energy, feel less motivated with a lower sex drive and more belly fat, your testosterone levels might be low.  I am sure you have seen the commercials on TV for “low T”.  Do they describe you? Read the rest of this entry »

What Do Men Need? Testosterone!

More than fifty years ago the psychologist Abraham Maslow had a revolutionary impact on the field of psychology when he wrote about the Hierarchy of Needs.  His theory is often portrayed as a pyramid with the most basic fundamental needs in the broad base and the concept of self-actualization at the top.  According to Maslow the four most fundamental needs include physiological needs, safety, love & friendship and self esteem.  Critics of his theory have taken issue with Maslow’s rankings; believing he may have overlooked the most essential human need; to “feel alive”.  Perhaps nothing makes you feel more alive than feeling younger, healthier and more vital.  And nothing does all of that better for men than testosterone. Read the rest of this entry »

Summer on Martha’s Vineyard

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It was a tough assignment, but someone had to do it.  On August 13th of this year, I was invited to speak at the second annual Summer Executive Workshop 2010 , held at the Harbor View Hotel on Martha’s Vineyard.    The overall theme of the conference was “Health, Wealth and Leadership”.  Conference attendees included successful, seasoned professionals and senior level executives from across the country.   The conference provided an opportunity for top tier educational panels and informal networking in a relaxed setting.

 The keynote address was delivered by Ron Williams, Chairman and CEO of Aetna.  Three educational panels included:  Intergenerational Wealth Transfer, Executive Wellness and 21st Century Leadership.   Read the rest of this entry »

Andropause: the “Male Menopause”

In 1980, an 18-year veteran police detective in Ontario with a previously spotless record stole approximately $1000.00 worth of items from the evidence room of his department.  He persuaded the judge in his case to spare him a prison sentence, claiming that “male menopause” had clouded his judgment.

 Ever since the term “male menopause” was first coined in 1949, there have been debates about whether men go though a psychological and physiological change that is similar to menopause in women.  Read the rest of this entry »

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