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Age Reversal and Longevity

Posted on 18. Sep, 2012 by drebanks in Blog, healthy aging, Longevity, Preventive Wellness, stress, Youthful Aging

It is an intriguing thought.  We live in a youth obsessed society.  Haven’t we all reminisced about the glory days gone bye and longed to take a few years off of life’s odometer?  As boomers age, they optimistically proclaim that 50 is the new 30 or 70 is the new 50.  Is that true or just wishful thinking?   Better nutrition, clean water, sanitation and medical advances have allowed us to live quite a bit longer than a century ago.  Following a healthy lifestyle can lessen the damage done by the aging process; that’s part of age management.  But recent discoveries now point the way to actually getting younger in the process.  Maybe now we can think about making 100 the new 50. Read the rest of this entry »

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