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Why Do We Age?

Posted on 26. Jul, 2010 by drebanks in Blog, Cancer, Exercise, Longevity, Obesity, Preventive Wellness, stress, Youthful Aging

Incredible scientific discoveries that will change the way we look at aging and disease have been unfolding during the early 21st century.  The secrets for healthy, youthful aging, while clearly influenced by our behavior, appear to be rooted in mechanisms at the molecular level of our cells.  In 1990, the journal Nature published a ground­breaking article based on something called the telomere. It changed forever our under­standing of the aging process.  Last year, the Nobel Prize in Medicine was awarded to scientists for their discoveries of the role of telomeres, and the enzyme telomerase, in aging, cancer and chronic diseases.  But are telomeres the whole story? Read the rest of this entry »

Fight or Flight?

Posted on 24. Jul, 2010 by drebanks in Blog, Preventive Wellness, stress, Youthful Aging

It’s 4:30 on Friday afternoon.  You are thinking about your plans for the upcoming long weekend when you get an email from your boss.  They need to see you right away about something, but they don’t say what.    What do they want to see you about this late in the day?  Is it about the rumored layoffs everyone’s been talking about?  Suddenly, your heart starts pounding, your palms become sweaty, your mouth feels dry, and your face feels hot.  Say hello to your fight-or-flight response.

 All mammals have a fight-or-flight response when under stress.  This makes sense from an evolutionary sense – animals that didn’t react to danger didn’t leave behind descendents.  As Stanford University neuro-endocrinologist Robert Sapolsky says, “If you’re a normal mammal, what stress is about is three minutes of screaming terror on the savannah, after which either its over with or you’re over with.”  Read the rest of this entry »

Andropause: the “Male Menopause”

In 1980, an 18-year veteran police detective in Ontario with a previously spotless record stole approximately $1000.00 worth of items from the evidence room of his department.  He persuaded the judge in his case to spare him a prison sentence, claiming that “male menopause” had clouded his judgment.

 Ever since the term “male menopause” was first coined in 1949, there have been debates about whether men go though a psychological and physiological change that is similar to menopause in women.  Read the rest of this entry »

Testosterone Therapy: Moving toward Mainstream

Posted on 21. Jul, 2010 by drebanks in Bioidentical hormones, Blog, Men's Health, Youthful Aging

As the American population ages, baby boomers are confronted with a number of troublesome age-related diseases.  Many are scrambling to hold onto their health and youthful vitality.  Retirement is not what is once was.  More people want to remain active and engaged with life, not just sitting around with a fishing pole in their hands.  And, they certainly do not want to suffer the slow decline in physical and cognitive function that afflicts far too many in nursing homes.  Although a number of factors must be considered, including living a healthy lifestyle, mounting scientific evidence points to diminished hormones as a previously under recognized, yet modifiable factor in the aging process. Read the rest of this entry »

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