GroTrack Hair Growth Analysis System

An important part of any hair loss treatment is having objective data to analyze hair loss, monitor hair growth and quantify treatment results.  Until now, there hasn’t really been a practical way to do that outside of specialized clinical research practices. To address this challenging issue, we’ve incorporated  GroTrack™,  an AI-powered hair analysis system for our hair loss treatments.

What is GroTrack?

The GroTrack hair growth analysis system gives us a scientific method to measure your current hair loss or thinning condition and quantify the results from your hair restoration treatments. It is used during your initial consultation and at every hair restoration treatment appointment.   .  This helps to objectively demonstrate that your hair loss treatment is working.

Your GroTrack report will include:

  • A gallery global and magnified before and after images for side-by-side comparison
  • A custom hair analysis report
  • Charts and graphs demonstrating hair growth
  • A review of your progress

GroTrack gives you the answers you need to be confident in the hair loss treatment and products recommended that we recommend to you. This is especially important early in your treatment program. Often in the short term, your improvements may not be readily visible to the naked eye or in photos during the first few months.

How GroTrack Data is Quantified

GroTrack presents your hair growth data as a percentage of change from your first (or baseline) visit to your hair’s current condition. The report also includes custom charts, graphs and image comparisons to help you see firsthand how quickly and effectively your treatment is working.


What’s the Process for GroTrack?

During your consultation with our team, the GroTrack analysis only takes 10-15 minutes.

  • First, we’ll capture high resolution standardized global and macro hair images easily & quickly.
  • Hair images are automatically sent to the cloud for AI generated hair growth data.
  • Then we’ll present your hair growth data and/or treatment results in a matter of minutes

Once we review your hair data with you, we can recommend the treatment plan that best suits your needs.  All of our hair growth treatment recommendations start with Alma TED as the foundation.

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