Noninvasive Hair Restoration with Alma TED

Alma TED, or Trans Epidermal Delivery, is a revolutionary needle-free, pain-free, ultrasound-based system that offers a noninvasive, non-traumatic option to treat hair shedding, hair thinning and hair loss.

Alma TED uses painless ultrasonic sound waves and air pressure to drive powerful topical hair growth treatments and serums into the skin which promotes increased blood flow to the scalp helping to rejuvenate the hair follicles.

Alma TED uses a specialized serum containing dozens of growth factors designed to reactivate dormant hair follicles and anchor hair shafts. It targets follicles to make them grow thicker hair. It offers these benefits without the discomfort and shedding commonly associated with other in-office hair growth treatments.

Alma TED can be used to address not only thinning hair in both men and women alike, the treatment is ideal for addressing those suffering from Alopecia, COVID Hair Loss, patchy beards, and even patchy eyebrows.

Patients describe the experience as “relaxing, similar to a 20-30 minute scalp massage where I could almost fall asleep.” Patients have noticed less shedding during their daily routines as quickly as two weeks. After a month, patients typically observe thicker and fuller hair accompanied with less shedding.

Although you can expect to notice improvements within one month of treatment, a full series of treatments provides the best results.  Generally, a series of three treatments one month apart are recommended for optimal results.

What’s the Process for Alma TED?

First step is a consultation with our team.  We’ll identify your needs and determine if you’re a good candidate.  Alma TED is well suited for most people concerned about hair thinning, hair shedding and hair loss.  Because of its rejuvenating effects on the scalp and hair follicles, it’s also a great option for those simply wanting to enhance the overall quality and appearance of their hair.

If it is a good fit for you, the treatments are very comfortable and take 20-25 minutes.  There is no pain, needles, surgery or anesthesia necessary.  Some patients have described the experience as “relaxing, similar to a scalp massage”.  Following the treatment shedding can be reduced in the first couple of weeks.  Noticeably thicker and fuller hair is often seen after a month.  Generally 3 treatments spaced a month apart are recommended for optimal results.


Part of every consultation and treatment is an accurate measure of your progress and results.  We’ve incorporated GroTrack, a state of the art imaging technology that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to objectively quantify results.  This advanced hair analysis system can:

  • Analyze your hair thickness condition
  • Measure the improvement in your hair density throughout treatment
  • Scientifically demonstrate your treatment results using quantitative data


Alma TED with GroTrack

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