Age Management

Taking into account all of the known risk factors for diseases, the single most important one is advancing age. As we age, the potential for things to go wrong increases tremendously. Aging is inevitable, but how you age, in large part, is up to you. How you age is impacted by the choices you make every day; that’s a big part of age management

There are pills, potions, injections and surgery that can change the way you look but do nothing to change your physiology or the trajectory of your aging. They are just shortcuts focused on how you look on the outside. In order to make lasting, meaningful changes, you need to start on the inside—measuring your unique biomarkers and physiologic functions. Everyone will have different combinations of results.

We have identified the key biomarkers and physiologic measurements that contribute to aging which are influenced by your lifestyle, nutrition and outlook. Our expert medical team has the knowledge, experience and insight to develop a personalized, scientifically sound plan for you to turn back the clock to improve your health, your vitality, your life and your longevity.


Peak Performance

There is no magic bullet for better health; it is a process, a journey that requires your active participation. Managing the aging process is a great start for improving the way you feel and reducing your risks of diseases. But after years of helping people elevate their health and restore vitality, it has become increasing clear that the underlying issue is really diminishing performance in one aspect or another. Optimizing performance is a crucial factor in age management.

Your health, vitality and longevity are all directly related to the performance of every organ system in your body and, by extension, every cell in your body. Your heart, brain, immune system and every part of your body and mind can be optimized. By using advanced technologies to look deeper at physiological measures down to the cellular level along with the latest genetic and epigenetic science to analyze your DNA blueprint, disease promoting and performance sapping abnormalities can be uncovered and addressed.

Moving far beyond mere wellness, enhancing performance is the best method for optimizing your personal health and well-being, achieving your personal goals and living your life as the best version of yourself. Imagine melting away body fat and regaining muscle mass, experiencing greater arousal, firmer erections and heightened sexual pleasure, boosting your memory and brain power, and experiencing lifelong vitality. This is the future of healthcare…available now…for you



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