VIP Assessments

A day with us is not just a visit to the doctor; it is a path to discovering your optimal health and what might be standing in your way from performing at your peak. Our team of health and performance improvement experts conducts a one-day, in-depth health and lifestyle assessment in a relaxed VIP setting.

You’re accustomed to making every minute count—and we respect that! From the moment you arrive at our well-appointed office suite, you have our undivided attention. Quality time. Focused, yet relaxed. Personalized to your needs and interests. You will have same-day debriefing on your results with your physician. You leave us informed, refreshed, with a true sense of your personal health and future wellness goals.


  • Three assessment levels: Comprehensive, Executive and Elite
  • Customize any assessment to your needs
  • Personalized, comprehensive and convenient
  • One appointment, with results the same day
  • Extensive one-on-one time with your physician