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For both men and women, the desire for a great sex-life and the value of intimacy is timeless. Numerous scientific studies have shown the substantial health benefits of an active love-life to overall well-being and longevity.

At Alternity Healthcare, we believe that sexual wellness is an integral part of your physical and emotional wellness, and can be a key to your overall health and happiness as you age. Despite the belief of some that sex should end after a certain age, medical research has shown that you can enjoy an active sex life for as long as you wish. Without question, there are physical and hormonal changes that occur as you age which can dampen your sex drive and impair your ability to perform as you did in your youth, but that is where we can help!  Hormone therapy may be a crucial ingredient for recharging and maintaining a satisfying sex life.  But insuring that your intimate areas are also healthy and primed for action is equally important.

Whether you are a man or a woman, it is our aim to help you experience sexual fulfillment. If you are seeking to restart or just improve your sex-life, we will customize a treatment program to your individual needs. Regardless of your age, there is no reason that you cannot achieve the intense emotional and physical satisfaction that only comes from exploring the most sensual aspects of your relationships. 

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