Rockwell Rookey

Engineer, East Windsor, CT

Rockwell Rookey isn’t really a fan of conventional medicine. “I believe that there’s definitely a lot more potential in the way of preventing things,” and Rockwell doesn’t think most modern healthcare does a particularly good job of addressing this. “I never had a physician that looked at total prevention. They always look at, ‘What’s your current problem?’”

So when Dr. Desmond Ebanks, the Medical Director of Alternity Healthcare gave a presentation about a different kind of healthcare approach at Rockwell’s place of work, he was ready to listen. It didn’t take long for Rockwell to see that this was the kind of care he was looking for and his first visit to Dr. Ebanks came soon afterwards. “I thought Dr. Ebanks emphasized prevention,” Rockwell says, “and I think it’s a good idea to live a healthier life by feeling better.”

Rockwell found it very easy to talk with Dr. Ebanks. “I felt like I could communicate and it went both ways. There was a level of mutual respect and understanding. I didn’t feel like a commodity or that what I was saying wasn’t being listened to.”

Rockwell was also impressed by Dr. Ebanks’ holistic approach to his overall health. “Dr. Ebanks highlighted situations that I’ve had for years but that were ignored before. Like, I have issues with my legs that, if they had been addressed by doctors in my teens or twenties, they would never have become issues. He found biomechanical issues with my feet that caused knee and hip problems. No other doctor ever did that.”

Another thing that impressed Rockwell was his way of educating his patients. “Dr. Ebanks isn’t like other doctors that present something as the end-all. He’s willing to say, “This is what we should try.’” Another part of this is the way Dr. Ebanks, “…gives you an appreciation that there is another way to look at health and there are pretty simple means to improve health to make your life better and not get sick.” Rockwell now feels much more aware that there is healthier ways to do things by not being, “…tied into the typical American diet.”

Alternity Healthcare and Dr. Ebanks have Rockwell convinced of their approach. Rockwell feels like he is able to enjoy life more by leading a healthier life. “Dr. Ebanks gives you ways to be more active and to feel younger longer and much happier.”