Marketing Executive,  Connecticut

I moved to Connecticut in 2005 to accept a job that I knew would be exciting, but also demanding. The commute to work was long, the job required extra hours, and I had a young family. I knew from the start I would be stretched, but I believed I was up to the task. Exercising became nearly impossible, and without exercise I gained about 5 pounds a year, but I wasn’t worried until about five years later, when my health began to deteriorate.

I went to numerous doctors, from local MDs and rheumatologists to the Hospital for Special Surgery in New York, trying to find out what was wrong. When a friend told me about Alternity Healthcare I thought, “Why not. I have to find someone, I trust this friend’s judgment, and Alternity is nearby.” I went to the company’s website and read about the founder, Dr. Ebanks, an MD with an integrated, holistic approach to wellness. I liked what I read. It made sense to me. I was further impressed when I met the doctor; he was clearly dedicated to his field and to making me well.

Within 48 hours of starting a program at Alternity, I called him and said, “I feel really good! Am I doing this right?!”

What a relief it was to find someone who could make holistic recommendations that worked, and could work with my schedule.

Not that our meetings were without surprises: He recommended tests no one else had recommended, but when he explained them I thought they made sense. He suggested a two-week detox program, which I never would’ve considered; I thought detoxing was extreme, but after he explained the benefits, I was on board. Last, but not least, he and one of his associates, Cassandra Forsythe, who is a PhD as well as a nutrition and exercise specialist, gave me a new diet plan. Part of the plan was to stop eating simple carbohydrates, since the tests showed I don’t metabolize carbs well. What a difference it made to remove them from my diet!

Once I cut the carbohydrates my energy level went up almost immediately. I used some of that energy to go to Cassandra’s boot camp 2 to 3 times a week.

The combination was just what I needed; the diet reinforced the exercising and vice versa. Dr. Ebanks, Cassandra, and the tangible results were powerful motivators. The meal plan was a dramatic change from what I was used to, but it was easy to follow. I adhered to it for a year, lost 25 pounds, and then the holidays came. I thought a few indulgences wouldn’t hurt…

I sent Dr. Ebanks and Cassandra emails asking for help. I told them I was tired of the diet and was having trouble sticking to the exercise program.

How many doctors answer your emails? They were very responsive, and being able to communicate this way meant they could tweak the program without having to wait for appointments. Cassandra sent me a new easy-to-follow diet plan with more food choices. She breathed new life into my exercise routine with a few suggestions. Since the beginning, she seemed to know just how far to push me, encouraging me to attempt things I didn’t think I could handle. As a result, my progress was strong, which helped keep me motivated. In addition, I had more energy for work and home, and I knew that by taking better care of myself I was setting a good example for my children.

I am thankful for Alternity Healthcare. I’d recommend them in a heartbeat – in fact, I have. No other doctors suggested this path for me, and this is the path brought me to health. I trust Alternity, and believe they really are looking out for my long-term health.