Kevin Hoffman

Aerospace Engineer

Kevin’s Story

Going to other doctors was basically a reactive type of thing you had a cold you had the flu somethings ailing and you go to the doctor and they’re basically treating the symptoms.  And so that’s a big difference in what Dr. Ebanks is doing.  It’s proactive medicine.  He is a center of excellence and he directs you to the exact specialist for your requirements.

I entered into doing some diagnostic tests like ultrasound and something was discovered. We discovered something that could have been a pretty serious health issue for me.  Because of what he had been tracking for many years, it was discovered at a point where it was early. And being early it was extremely manageable. My daughter called him up and said you saved my dad’s life! (laughs) and I agree. These types of things can go dormant for many years. The doctor told me he doesn’t know how long it could have been progressing but it could have been ten years, thankfully it wasn’t at a stage that it caused any problems and the way it was discovered was proactive medicine, basically determining, testing, tracking and looking at results, of things that are high or low and need to be resolved.

A Thorough Medical Approach

DrE: We like to do things on a proactive basis. The idea is to create true health at the highest level. We like to help people become the best versions of themselves.

Kevin: Instead of reacting to a condition or disease your basically able to measure a number of markers or a number of things like from mineral, hormone and vitamin levels and be able to track how your body is acting.  He’s tracking your health.  It’s not just high cholesterol and low cholesterol there’s a number of markers. He measures a number of things, probably close to 200 different things.

DrE:  When you track things serially and you make a point of doing those comparisons that we do you can see subtle changes that, unfortunately, in many other offices you only see that year’s result is within normal it’s not necessarily flagged but because we could see the pattern and the pattern was constantly heading in the wrong direction, even though it was still within normal, we elected to intervene and obviously something is going wrong because this is over several years.

Kevin:  I had no symptoms, I had no idea that anything would be wrong.  I went to the specialist and went through it.  Everything was resolved and I’m pleased to say I’m 100 percent healthy now.

DrE:  It’s tremendously rewarding and that’s the whole point of my practice is not to focus on fixing diseases but creating wellness for people. Because my practice is relatively small in terms of practices I’m able to take care of people in a little more depth and really have an intimate relationship with all of my patients he’s as much a friend as patients. I’m very happy that I could be part of keeping him well.