Craig McCurdy

Vice President, Environmental Systems Corp., West Hartford, CT

I have been a patient of Dr. Desmond Ebanks for about 26 or 27 months, starting in June 2011. I came in because I was stressed, overweight and working like crazy, and I wanted to make some lifestyle changes. I had met Desmond socially a couple of times. When I came in to see him, he was blatantly honest about the changes I needed to make to get healthier. As the vice president of a large electrical contracting business, I realized that getting healthy was an important investment in the long-term success of my business. I have had great results. I have lost weight and feel much better than I have in the past. I eat much healthier, exercise regularly and sleep better than I have in years. There is one other interesting side benefit of getting healthier. Three years ago I needed to purchase a large amount of life insurance. When I purchased the insurance, they went through the normal procedures and I had a lot of blood work done. I was high risk. And to purchase $500,000 of additional insurance, it cost me a little over $19,000 annually to purchase this insurance. About six months ago I visited with my insurance agent who met me at my office, came in and said: “you look great”. We started talking about this one insurance policy that I have with a huge premium. He said, “why don’t we put some feelers out to see if we could get you a better rate”. He had a couple of different companies look at me. I had blood work and a physical. The insurance companies asked that Dr. Ebanks send a report of his work he had done with me to the insurance company so they could get an idea of where I am at right now from a health perspective. Desmond (Dr. Ebanks) put a document of my current health data together, sent it in and we got a policy with a much more favorable outcome. I actually bought $650,000 of life insurance for $2900 per year. The savings was over $16,000 annually and a benefit I had never expected. So besides feeling better personally, my wallet feels a lot better also.