Bob Smith

President & CEO, Dur-A-Flex, Inc, East Hartford, CT

“Admittedly, going to Alternity Healthcare is an investment,” says Bob Smith, Owner of Dur-a-flex, Inc., in East Hartford. “Would I do it again? Unequivocally yes. In fact, I think their program is so important and so cutting edge that I’ve offered to cover the cost for every person at Dur-a-Flex.”

With nearly 100 employees, that’s a significant offer. Reflecting on the potential total expense, Bob said, “I guess I look at money a little differently. At first it may seem expensive compared to regular annual physicals. But is it? Through the years, I’ve been dutiful about going to my family doctor for annual check-ups, and doing all the things I was told to do, and yet I was missing crucial information, and that’s a frighteningly common problem. I believe healthcare in the U.S. is run not by doctors, but by the American Medical Association, Big Pharma, and insurance companies. In other words, profits and protocols control our healthcare.

“As a result, many of the newer, better tests aren’t covered by insurance, so most doctors don’t offer them. As a result, you might think you’re doing the right things, and you could be wrong. For example, you take statins, and you have a heart attack anyway. That’s not uncommon. Statin use is up, yet the rate of heart attacks hasn’t gone down. Conventional tests measure LDL and HDL, but they don’t measure cholesterol particle size, which is the single most reliable predictor of heart attacks and strokes.

“Without Alternity, I could have become a statistic. My regular internist told me my cholesterol was fine – ‘You’re doing really well, Bob!’ What he didn’t know was that, while my cholesterol numbers were in the normal range, I had a lot of B-sized particles.” (Pattern B cholesterol is associated with accelerated atherosclerosis, increased heart attack risk, and the tendency to develop high blood sugar levels and type II diabetes mellitus independent of the total LDL or cholesterol number.)
“Dr. Ebanks’ diagnostics revealed that I had a potentially deadly problem that wasn’t being addressed. Now we are addressing it, and getting results.

“Besides helping me sidestep major problems, Dr. Ebanks gave me a comprehensive roadmap and treatments for greater vitality, including hormone therapy. Now I’m much stronger overall, my energy is higher, and my endurance is better.

“Knowing the truth and having the proper treatment and regimen is likely to not only extend my life, but at least as importantly, it’s likely to extend the quality of my life, and that’s my goal: to avoid convalescence; to be healthy and functional until right before I fall off the screen. My mother was independent until a week before her death, at 96 years of age.

“Now you can see why I think Alternity is a bargain. They don’t leave a stone unturned, they have the latest diagnostics, and they offer everything I need to reach my goals. Dr. Ebanks is my partner in health, and he’s also partnering with many other people at Dur-a-Flex. I know the Alternity program is vastly improving my health, and I believe the program will save money for Dur-a-Flex in the long run, but much more importantly, I hope others will experience the health improvements I’ve experienced. Offering people advanced services that truly lead to optimal health is the right thing to do.