Longevity Peptide Program


longevity Peptide Therapy Program

Aging may be inevitable, but how you age is largely up to you.  While there’s certainly a genetic factor, that only accounts for 20-30% of what happens to you. Decisions you make everyday impact how you age and how quickly you’ll feel the effects of aging.  The Longevity Peptide Program is designed to help you optimize your chances to age more youthfully.  Get the full program brochure

Advancing age is the number 1 risk factor for most chronic diseases. Although mostly preventable, the majority of people die from chronic diseases.  We don’t die from “old age”.


Longevity management begins with measurement


Getting baseline measurements is critical for tracking improvement:

  • TruAge PACE test –  a biological pace of aging test that focuses on short-term changes in epigenetic methylation that translate into long-term impacts to health. It acts like a speedometer for aging, where values above 1 are ‘accelerated aging’ and below 1 are ‘slowed aging’. It is at home collection kit
  • Telomere length estimate – telomeres function to protect our DNA during each cell division. Due to the impact they have at the cellular level, the length of telomeres and their rate of shortening is considered a relevant biomarker for
    assessing the state of aging of an individual.
  • Baseline metabolic markers (glucose, insulin, electrolytes, lipids)



Research has shown that these bioregulatory pineal and thymus gland peptides are geroprotective — substances that affect the root cause of aging and age-related diseases, and thus slow aging and promote life extension.  And they don’t need to be taken continuously.  Annual short courses demonstrated the long term benefits.

  • Epithalon – pineal gland bioregulatory peptide and considered the “fountain of youth” peptide. One of its
    roles is to increase the natural production of telomerase, a natural enzyme that helps cells reproduce telomeres, which are the protective parts of our DNA. This allows the replication of our DNA, so the body can grow new cells and rejuvenate old ones. Epithalon has many documented effects on general aging and impacts on the circadian rhythm. It promotes a healthy sleep cycle, and helps regulate levels of melatonin and cortisol.
  • Thymulin – thymus gland peptide is an immunomodulary peptide. It is pleiotropic – improves innate immunity when needed, down regulates immunity when not needed. Immune senescence, considered an aging process, has been related to a gradual decline in thymus function and thymic hormone production. Thymulin is a thymic peptide that demonstrates a profound ability to restore immune system homeostasis in different physiological and pathological conditions (i.e., viral infections, cancer, immunodeficiency, vaccination support and immumosenescence) acting as multitasking protein depending on the host state of inflammation or immune dysfunction



  • SpermidineLIFE Extra+– is a unique, naturally occurring molecule that interacts with our cells to perform various critical metabolic functions, including enhancing autophagy.  Autophagy is the constant process of cellular renewal and recycling.  Scientists have shown that aged cells that perform autophagy regularly are rejuvenated, which makes them healthier and more resistant.
  • SpermidineLIFE Pro+ – is the highest strength (6mg) spermidine supplement ever produced. Initiating at least a 30-day high-dose spermidine protocol best combats inflammation and promotes consistent autophagy.
  • Urolithin A – enhances mitophagy; the dedicated form of autophagy that occurs in mitochondria.  Improved mitochondrial function leads to improved energy
    production, enhanced performance and reduced age-related dysfunction. Urolithin A is the first natural bioactive shown to improve mitochondrial function by activating mitophagy that has been rigorously tested in humans.



Daily optimization should also include some form of time restricted feeding, such as intermittent fasting, and reduced carbohydrate intake. It will act synergistically in promoting autophagy and healthy aging.

This program is designed to be done annually.

Continuing the supplements in between is great for cellular and mitochondrial maintenance, energy production and recovery.


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Longevity Peptide Program options/ upgrades               

Life Length Labs Health TAV – direct telomere length with critically short telomere measurement

TruAge Complete Collection  – an ever expanding suite of epigenetic aging reports and aging algorithms to give you a more comprehensive picture of biological aging. Reports Include:
   Core Age Tracking:
◦ Epigenetic Biological Age | Your Whole-Body Summary
◦ Telomere Length estimate| Aging based on cellular replication
◦ Dunedin PACE | A speedometer for your current rate of aging
   Trait Reports:
◦ Extrinsic Epigenetic Age | Immune System Impact on Age
◦ Intrinsic Epigenetic Age | Aging Independant of Immune System
◦ Immune cell-type ratios and CD4:CD8 ratio
◦ Your Weight Loss Response to Caloric Restriction


For program participants, you may upgrade to high dose SpermdineLIFE Pro+ in place of SpermidineLIFE capsules at a discount..