You are not a slave to your genes.

Alternity Healthcare offers precision medicine to transform your health and optimize your human potential. Recent advances in the field of genetics and genomics have opened a gateway to an unprecedented level of detail about your DNA blueprint.  The power to know your genome transitions us out of sick care, beyond health and wellness, to a preventive and predictive prototype for transforming human potential into extraordinary performance.

There are a variety of genetic and genomic test types available:

Genotyping services (like 23&me) that offer limited information about specific bits of DNA that have known functions.  Gene panel tests are highly targeted but very narrow in scope

Whole exome sequencing, or WES, is a type of genomic sequencing utilizing next-generation sequencing technology for a targeted capture and reading of the entire exome; the region of your DNA that codes for proteins. The vast majority of disease causing mutations lie in this region.  WES examines over 22,000 genes in one test, while most gene panels look at 10-100. WES casts a much wider net, evaluating nearly all of the genomic factors that may impact your health.

Whole genome sequencing, or WGS, by contrast, analyzes all of your DNA. While it may seem like WGS is better than WES, since WGS sequences more, actually WGS has a number of problems. First, WGS is typically done at a much lower coverage than WES to save on cost.

What can I learn from my results?

How can I tailor my diet, exercise, and lifestyle choices to optimize my health?

Which medicines, therapies, and supplements are safest and most effective for me?

Am I at risk of a serious medical problem, and can I do something today to stay healthier longer?


Putting all the pieces together


We deliver highly detailed, easy-to-understand genetic interpretation of your DNA blueprint to identify targeted treatments and programming that can alter genetic expression and optimize health. Unlike most direct-to-consumer genetic companies, our genomic testing partners provide clinically validated results with the highest coverage and accuracy.