Executive Health

Developing the leaders of your company is a significant investment. Your company’s executives need to be at the top of their game – mentally, physically, professionally, personally. Investing in their wellness should be a “no brainer”. For executives, health is more than just a matter of personal preference; the responsibility goes beyond just business results and profits. Many people within your organization and in their personal lives count on their health and executive longevity.

Through Alternity Healthcare’s VIP Assessments and Executive Health Program, your organization can invest in the well care of your top executives. By providing the benefit of a VIP executive health assessment, your key leaders will be provided with a unique health improvement action plan customized to their individual needs — their path to peak performance, for themselves, and for your organization.

We provide an exceptional executive health experience that includes educating and empowering our clients to make lifestyle changes that will prevent disease and improve their overall performance. With two complimentary follow up appointments each year to ensure your executives stay on track and reach their goals, we are able to accurately track the progress of the companies we serve and can show significant improvements in the overall health of their teams. We are also able to provide ongoing care management for medical conditions identified through the assessment.

As you seek to create a strong culture of wellness among your leadership teams, we’re confident that Alternity Healthcare can meet your needs through an array of customized packages and service levels. When your executives perform at their best, so does your organization.