COVID-19 Safety Measures

Coronavirus COVID-19 image set banner in concept of prevention information including safety precaution and doctor service to prevent spreading infection of covid-19 or 2019 Coronavirus Disease.


In addition to offering virtual care and consultations, we’ve implemented policies to keep our staff, patients, and clients visiting the office safe during the pandemic.

Our process includes:

  • Completing an online COVID symptom questionnaire the day of, or no sooner than the day before your visit
  • You must wear a mask to enter and while in the office
  • Only you, the patient, will be allowed into the office.  Anyone accompanying you will need to wait in the car.
  • You will cleanse your hands with sanitizer upon entering
  • Your temperature, pulse and oxygen level in your blood will be checked
Reasons your appointment will be cancelled or rescheduled:
  • Any fever or other potential COVID symptom outlined on the screening form
  • Known exposure to COVID positive person within 3 weeks of appointment
  • Any recommendation that you or someone you live with to self-quarantine
  • Travel to, or from, any state listed on CT’s travel advisory website within 2 weeks of appointment
  • Temperature above 100 degrees
  • Pulse above 100 bpm
  • Blood oxygen below 93%
  • Refusal to wear a mask or use sanitizer



ActivePure Technology

We’ve added the most powerful air and surface purification technology available to enhance the safety and protection for our staff, patients and clients.  This device continuously filters and purifies the environment within our office.

ActivePure technology has been shown to kill viruses, bacteria and molds in the air and on srfaces.  Data from testing that was conducted in an independent FDA-compliant lab, MRI Global, established a 99.98% surface kill rate of live SARS-CoV-2 in just 7 hours.