Cardiovascular Health

Undetected Cardiovascular Disease May Be Your Greatest Health Risk!

More than half of all deaths due to heart disease occur as Sudden Cardiac Death (SCD). And the majority of Sudden Cardiac Deaths are the first sign that someone has heart disease. Waiting until you have symptoms could be a fatal mistake. Heart disease kills more people every year than all cancers combined.

Women are most at risk, since standard screening tests fail to uncover heart disease in 30-40% of women. Women may fear breast cancer more, but they’re 10 times more likely to die from heart disease than breast cancer.

Standard cholesterol tests are nearly useless in gauging your risk of cardiovascular disease. More than half of the people who suffer heart attacks have normal cholesterol levels! The standard lipid panel measurement is simply is not enough.

At Alternity Healthcare, we perform advanced lipid panels that evaluate cholesterol subclasses and particle sizes, along with emerging risk factors, inflammatory biomarkers and relevant genetic tests.

Our advance diagnostic technology assess the functional dynamic health of your arteries, identifies vulnerable plaque and uncovers signs of heart disease at its earliest, reversible state.

Research also shows that chronic silent inflammation is an underlying basis of most of the diseases of aging, including cardiovascular disease. Our programs take aggressive steps to reduce inflammation through diet, exercise, nutraceutical supplementation with proper lifestyle and medical management.

Put simply, Alternity Healthcare can give you the most comprehensive assessment of your risk for a future cardiovascular event – and put you on the best path to avoid heart damage.