Vampire Facial

VamFacialThe Vampire Facial  is a simple yet incredibly effective strategy for rejuvenating the face.  Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) derived from your own blood is applied and worked into the skin using a professional micro-needling tool.   The micro-needling create micro punctures in the skin thereby activating the collagen and elastin cascades to create new cells and rejuvenation.  The PRP is also absorbed through the micro punctures where the platelets release a variety of growth factors and cytokines which stimulate the stem cells that are present in the face to repair fine lines, wrinkles, discolorations, redness, scars and sun damage which improves tone and texture, and leaves you with a more youthful glow and complexion.

Immediately after the procedure, treated areas may appear slightly red or flushed, but this common side effect typically subsides after a day or two. The Vampire Facial is a safe, effective and low-risk treatment that can create dynamic results without the extensive healing and downtime of other skin rejuvenation procedures.

“I can’t believe how great my skin looks! Has not looked this good in years. Healthy and less redness. Can’t WAIT for the 4 week mark! Wow.” — Lisa C.