Vampire Breast Lift

breast liftImprove the appearance of your breasts —naturally!

The Vampire Breast Lift, uses a clinically proven technique called Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy to enhance your cleavage, produce rounder fuller breasts and can improve or restore nipple sensitivity, without the use of chemicals, drugs or surgery.

What is platelet-rich plasma or PRP?

It is a portion of your blood that contains healing elements and growth factors.  To create PRP, your blood is drawn and the platelets and growth factors are separated from other cells with a special centrifuge.  Using a patent pending technique, the PRP is injected into the penis using a very thin needle.  You will experience little to no pain, as the entire area is thoroughly numbed with a topical anesthetic.  The growth factors in the PRP from your own blood stimulate increased blood flow to the penis, resulting in stronger, harder, bigger erections.  Most men also experience enhanced length and girth.

Many women have benefited from this procedure, and since PRP is derived from your own body there have not been any reports of significant adverse effects.  Dr. Ebanks is one of a select group of physicians trained to perform this breakthrough, safe and effective procedure.

With the Vampire Breast Lift you can expect:

  • younger appearance
  • improved cleavage
  • improved color
  • improved sensation
  • improved shape
  • can salvage aging implants

Learn more about the procedure at

The Vampire Breast Lift is accomplished in less than 30 minutes, is delivered with little to no pain or discomfort, requires no downtime and costs $1900


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