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A New Paradigm in Executive Health & Wellness Programs

Traditional medical exams identify health problems and intervene after the fact.  Alternity turns that paradigm on its head.

We work with executive, entreprenuers and business owners that realize they need to be healthy in order to remain competitive in their increasingly demanding business environment.  We assist decision makers and their organizations to maximize their performance and productivity from the boardroom to the bedroom.

  • For those heading toward medical disater, we help right the ship toward a safe harbor
  • For those who have already gone the wrong way, we help them pick up the pieces and start over
  • For those presently doing alot of the right things, we help create a plan to catapult their health to the next level

Results are evaluated alongside each patient’s detailed medical and lifestyle history. Then we deliver a truly personalized guide to improved performance and optimal wellness.

An Individualized Risk Profile for a Custom Wellness Plan

Connecticut Executive Health Wellness Programs

Alternity Healthcare’s comprehensive, personalized approach to optimizing health and maximizing performance is grounded in serious scientific data. The result is a personalized guide to each patient’s ideal path to a healthier, more productive life, based on their particular health risk profile.

A disproportionate share of a company’s healthcare resources are consumed by chronic illnesses, which account for more than 75% of our national healthcare expenditures and 70% of all deaths. But most of this cost can be avoided!

Our proactive approach  keeps today’s health risks from becoming tomorrow’s chronic illnesses. Maintaining healthy weight loss, engaging in proper exercise, and eating healthfully helps executives regain and maintain their vitality, which enhances productivity. An investment in your health is an investment in your future, and the future of your company.

Let us design the right Executive Health and Wellness Services for your business.

Executive Health and Wellness Services

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