Annual Wellness Programs for Optimal Health

Peak Performance with Healthy Weight Loss, Balanced Nutrition & Exercise

There’s no magic pill that will get you instantly healthier and keep you in optimal health. It takes work and commitment to reach your body’s peak performance levels. That’s why we offer annual wellness programs that consider both your weight loss goals and general health care objectives.

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Your physician should be as committed to your progress as you are. At Alternity Healthcare, we take the time that’s required to forge a meaningful, productive relationship with you as a patient. To achieve and maintain optimal health and peak performance takes more than just looking at the sum of your diagnostic test results.

A Meaningful Doctor/Patient Relationship

Alternity Healthcare seeks to eliminate any barriers to regular communication between physician and patient. We think this is essential to achieving your health goals. Our annual program structure encourages regular communication, and is an efficient and cost effective way to create the high-touch, individualized doctor-patient relationship we strive for.

Our Peak Health Programs

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The information gathered during your extensive health assessment guides our recommendations for a program of therapies and interventions designed to help you achieve your health goals. Over the course of the year, periodic re-testing and adjustments of your treatment plan will be needed.

Our Peak Health programs include:

  • quarterly or annual office visits
  • phone and email consultations
  • access to our registered dietician
  • access to our exercise physiologist

We will recommend the right Peak Health program for you depending  upon your current condition, diagnoses, risk factors and stated health goals.