ALCAT Food Sensitivity Testing

Is What you Eat Dragging You Down?

Do you suffer from problems like headaches, skin rashes, stomach problems, joint pain, fatigue, acid reflux, and other symptoms that compromise your quality of life?

You could have a food sensitivity. Identifying the foods and chemicals your body is sensitive to, and then eliminating those irritants, can really improve your overall health.

Not Sure What’s Bugging You?

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The ALCAT Test is not a food allergy test, it is a test of your body’s intolerances, which may take a long time to express themselves. That’s why it’s hard to associate the reaction with which food you’ve been exposed to. So identifying these intolerances can be very difficult. The ALCAT testing makes it quick and obvious which foods you should avoid.

Fast Results so you can Act Quickly

You’ll get quick results from your testing and will receive a hard copy of the results within 10 business days.¬†The testing also includes¬†a 30 minute post-test consultation with a certified nutritionist.

Get in touch at (860) 561-2294 to schedule an appointment for your ALCAT food and chemical sensitivity testing.

See this video overview of the ALCAT test’s importance to people from professional athletes to everyday people.