Age Management Medicine

Aging may be inevitable, but how you age is up to you.

Age Management Medicine is the future of medical care that is available right now. This ground-breaking approach to preventive medicine focuses on regaining and maintaining optimal health and vigor.  Issues associated with aging, from accumulating body fat and diminished energy to impaired brain and sexual function, are largely related to hormonal deficiencies (male & female) and silent inflammation.  It is well known that many hormones, most notably testosterone, estrogen, progesterone, growth hormone and thyroid hormone, decline 1% to 3% yearly beginning around age 30.  The lack of regular physical activity, increased stress from our modern lifestyle and a diet rich in highly processed foods with excessive, easily digested carbohydrates leads to oxidative cell damage, silent inflammation, shortened telomeres and predisposes us to chronic degenerative diseases.

Aging is not pathologic nor a disease.

We really don’t die of old age; we die of degenerative diseases. The science of Age Management Medicine helps identify and modulate health risks before they become identifiable diagnoses. On the graph, the grey line represents the typical decline in health status associated with age; the green line is the age managed life.   This “squaring the curve” keeps our quality of life and health optimal longer; slowing the deterioration in function until just before we die.

Enjoy a better quality of life.

While we may or may not be able to increase longevity, we are able to prevent premature disability and death while enjoying a better quality of life.   Once medical breakthroughs allow for increased longevity, only those on the stable plateau of the curve enjoying optimal health and a better quality of life would likely be in a position to take advantage of those medical advances.