Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Do you accept insurance? We do not bill insurance directly, but we provide documentation and an invoice for you to seek reimbursement.  We can also assist you with the submission process.
  2. Do you accept Medicare or Medicaid? No.
  3. Will my insurance cover your services? If you have “out-of-network” coverage, some of our services should be reimbursable.
  4. What about an HSA or FSA? Any funds you have available in a Flexible Spending Account, Health Savings Account, Medical Savings Account or Health Reimbursement Account can be used for our services.
  5. What type of doctor is Dr. Ebanks (or what are his qualifications)? Dr. Ebanks is an Internal Medicine specialist with over two decades of board certified experience treating patients. He has obtained additional certifications in Mind-Body Medicine and Age Management Medicine. His credentials are listed in detail on our website.
  6. What type of practice is this? The philosophy is simple; we perform a comprehensive battery of tests looking for signs of problems that have not manifest themselves, and for clues to any current symptoms. We then develop a customized plan to address those items helping to prevent the onset of diseases that could impact the quality of your life, and help restore vitality from your youth.
  7. Are there any other doctors? Dr. Ebanks is the only medical doctor but he has assembled a highly qualified team, including Dr. Cassandra Forsythe, a registered dietician with a PhD in Nutrition and Exercise Science; and Michelle Boire, a Masters level exercise physiologist.
  8. What does an evaluation cost? Our evaluations can be customized, so it can vary depending upon your individual needs or concerns. Dr. Ebanks would be happy to discuss that in further detail with you.
  9. How long is an evaluation? Our Comprehensive Health Assessment is a full day evaluation; typically 5-7 hours, and includes a gourmet-style healthy lunch. It can be broken up into two shorter visits if that works better in your schedule.  The inital assessment in our Executive Health Program comprises even more testing than the Comprehensive Health Assessment.  It frequently requires moe than a single day to complete.
  10. Are there other types of evaluations? Yes. We offer a number of services including an Advanced Cardiovascular Screening Program and a Bone Health/ Osteoporosis Screening Program. We also offer two ultra-premium Executive Health Assessments. Dr. Ebanks would gladly discuss any of those in more detail if you wish.
  11. Will Dr. Ebanks take over as my primary care physician?  Dr. Ebanks offers a full service concierge practice to manage a full spectrum of care for a limited number of patients.  As an internist, he can manage most of your healthcare needs..  Otherwise we will work in concert with your current physician to help you achieve your healthcare goals. If you are not part of the concierge practice, you will need to maintain your relationship with your primary care physician to manage any acute illnesses or hospitalizations.
  12. If I already have blood work, would it need to be repeated? It would depend upon the type of blood work and lab that processed it. Many of the tests performed are from specialty labs.  Dr. Ebanks could discuss that in more detail to you specific situation.
  13. Can I discuss my specific situation with Dr. Ebanks? Yes, we offer a complimentary phone consultation for you to speak with  Dr. Ebanks to discuss your individual needs.
  14. How soon could I get an appointment?  An initial consultation can generally be arranged within 48 hours.  For one of the full day assessments such as the Comprehensive Health Assessment or Executive Health Assessment, it usually takes 2-3 weeks to get into the office. We arrange for your blood work to be performed beforehand, so those results are available on the day of your evaluation.
  15. Do you have information you can send to me? Yes, we can mail you a package of more detailed information. Sign up on our contact us page